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Belly and Chest Guard

- Designed to enhance performance and resilience in the boxing ring. - Constructed with highly durable Convex™ Skin combat leather, capable of managing heat fluctuations effectively. - Engineered to endure countless high-intensity training sessions before showing any signs of wear. - Features state-of-the-art shock absorption thanks to multiple layers of dense, shock-absorbent EVA-LUTION™ foam. - Not just built to absorb and withstand impact, but also dissipates it effectively. - Offers superior comfort with a polyester inner lining that expertly wicks sweat away from the skin. - Innovative curved design aligns perfectly with body contours, ensuring a superior fit and freedom of movement. - Secure fit ensured by a PVC buckle and nylon strap, allowing for easy application. - Certified for quality and performance, adhering to stringent industry standards. - A great investment for those preparing for dominance in the ring.

Belly and Chest protector for Boxing

- Crafted with Convex™ Skin combat leather, designed to endure rigorous wear and tear while effectively managing heat fluctuations - Superior shock-absorption system featuring dense, shock-absorbent EVA-LUTION™ foam - Offers unrivalled protection by efficiently dissipating impact through an abundance of shock-absorbent padding - Inner polyester lining skillfully wicks sweat away from the skin, ensuring a cool and comfortable experience during intense training sessions - Innovative curved design aligns perfectly with your body for a superior fit - PVC buckle and nylon strap ensure a secure fit, easy application, and freedom of movement - Carries a prestigious industry certification, affirming its exceptional quality and adherence to high standards  

Belly Guard

- Superior Boxing Belly Guard made from high-quality Vegan™ Leather. - Infused with revolutionary EVA-Flex™ Foam for advanced shock absorption. - Designed with BreathEz™ Mesh Technology for superior ventilation and comfort. - Features adjustable SecureFit™ straps for a customized and secure fit. - Cruelty-free and sustainable, ideal for environmentally-conscious athletes. - Durable and long-lasting, stands up to the most rigorous training conditions. - Ensures optimal protection without compromising mobility or performance. - Perfect fusion of Vegan™ Leather and EVA-Flex™ Foam for ultimate boxing experience.