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Boxing Bandages

- Superior hand protection with cutting-edge FlextM technology - Comfortable and secure fit for intense training - Advanced cushioning system to absorb and disperse impact forces - Ergonomic design for enhanced natural range of motion - Durable construction with reinforced stitching and high-tensile strength fibers - Versatile for various combat sports and martial arts disciplines - Easy to maintain with quick-drying and antimicrobial properties - Elevate your performance with our trusted and innovative boxing bandages

Hand Wraps

- Unmatched support and protection with ProWrap™ Organic Cotton Hand Wraps - Eco-friendly choice: made from 100% organic cotton - Optimal comfort and breathability for improved performance - Versatile lengths to accommodate personal preferences and boxing styles - Easy-to-use hook and loop closure system for a secure fit - Durable and machine-washable for long-lasting use - Suitable for all skill levels and boxing disciplines

Premium Boxing Bandages

- Superior protection and comfort with our Premium Boxing Bandages - Meticulously crafted to safeguard hands and wrists during training or fights - High-quality material for remarkable support and reduced risk of injuries - Easy-wrap design for a snug and secure fit - Flexible fabric allows unrestricted movement and uncompromised punches - Breathable material prevents sweating, ensuring maximum comfort - Durable and long-lasting, withstands rigorous use - Easy to clean with machine-washable feature - Retains vibrant color even after repeated washes - A perfect blend of safety, comfort, and durability for enhanced performance in the ring.