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Boxing Bandages

- Superior hand protection with cutting-edge FlextM technology - Comfortable and secure fit for intense training - Advanced cushioning system to absorb and disperse impact forces - Ergonomic design for enhanced natural range of motion - Durable construction with reinforced stitching and high-tensile strength fibers - Versatile for various combat sports and martial arts disciplines - Easy to maintain with quick-drying and antimicrobial properties - Elevate your performance with our trusted and innovative boxing bandages

Boxing Head Guard

- Integrated NoseGuard™ for enhanced nose protection - SafeShield™ multi-layered foam padding for superior impact absorption - FlexStrap™ adjustable system for a secure, customized fit - ErgoFit™ design adapts to individual head shapes - BreathFlex™ fabric ensures breathability and durability - Moisture-wicking material for added comfort during training - Reinforced stitching for long-lasting performance - Easy-to-clean surface for effortless maintenance - Ideal for fighters of all skill levels - Unmatched protection, comfort, and stability in the ring The head guard is designed for comfort and mobility during intense sparring sessions, with a Quick-EZ hook and loop closure that ensures a secure and snug fit. The panoramic vision design of the guard provides unobstructed views, allowing practitioners to see strikes coming from all angles and react accordingly. Notably, the ForceX Head Guard meets PRO specs and FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA GRAPPLING MIXED MARTIAL ARTS (FIGMMA) standards for safety and performance. This makes it a trusted choice for professional fighters and serious combat sports practitioners who prioritize safety and quality in their training equipment. Choose the ForceX Head Guard for unbeatable head protection and peace of mind during sparring and training sessions.

Groin Guard

- Experience unparalleled protection with the BoxGuard Pro™ Groin Guard - Ergonomic design conforms to your body's natural contours for comfort and support - High-density ImpactShield™ foam and ArmorShell™ outer layer offer optimal protection - Lightweight CoolVent™ materials enhance breathability and ventilation - Adjustable waistband and SecureFit™ strap system ensure a perfect fit - Ideal for boxing, MMA, kickboxing, and other contact sports - Durable construction withstands rigorous training and competitions - Easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting hygiene - Boost your confidence in the ring with our high-quality groin guard.