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Boxing Short

- Airflow™ technology for superior breathability - FlexMove™ design for enhanced mobility - Adjustable waistband for customizable fit - QuickDry™ fabric for rapid moisture wicking - Durable construction with reinforced stitching - High-quality fabric for lasting performance - Multiple sizes and colors available - Designed for both beginners and experienced fighters

Boxing Shorts

- Elite Boxer Pro™ Shorts for high performance - AeroVent™ Cooling System for superior breathability - FlexiStride™ Design ensures exceptional mobility - Adjustable Waistband for personalized fit and comfort - Durable Construction with strengthened stitching - SwiftWick™ Fabric for efficient moisture management - Multiple Sizes & Colors to match your style and preferences

ProBoxer X™ Shorts

- ProBoxer X™ Shorts for peak performance - BreezeFlow™ Cooling Technology for optimal ventilation - UltraFlex™ Design ensures outstanding agility - Adjustable Waistband for a customizable fit - Sturdy Construction with reinforced stitching - SpeedDry™ Fabric for effective moisture control - Assorted Sizes & Colors to suit your style and preferences